The Tourists and The Ambulant Vendors

The Tourists and The Ambulant Vendors by Rudy A. Girón

One of the most often seen stamps around the main plaza of Antigua Guatemala is the groups of tourists and ambulant sellers trying to make a living by offering their wares to the visitors.

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Look out, tourists !  The vendedoras can see you !  Corra !  Corrrrrraaaaaa!!

    Ja-ja, this is a beautifully composed shot, Rudy.  I do make fun of the ambulant vendors every now and then; maybe a bit too much.  Of course, it’s their way to make a living, and I respect that.  Sometimes, though, it does look like a school of sharks circling, waiting to attack.  On second thought, who are the sharks…?   Hmmmm….

    My only “complaint” with the ambulant vendors is, that they are too ambulant.  When I find someone that has very nice things to sell, I buy something, but if I’d like to buy something else in an hour, next day, etc., they have disappeared.  Guate-magic, no ?  😀

    • Well, you know I also have to deal with the pushy vendedores since I carry a camera and they think I am a tourist. 🙁

  • Eric

    Maybe we need to get you one of those vests, like the photographers have in the park.  However, on the back, in large red letters, we will have ” NO TURISTA; SOY FOTOGRAFO ” printed on it.  Either that, or you will just have to run faster.  Corra, Rudy !  Corra !!!!!!

    • I think I found a better solution: bought a very tiny camera. 😉