Enjoying the Refacción

Enjoying the Fair Food

Refacción can be roughly translated as simple snack time; but it’s much more than that. Refacción is the time where workers get together to gossip and catch up with the chismes. Refacción is the time when couples in love get together for a quick snack along with hugs and kisses; such was the case of the man and woman in the foreground crossing the street that arrived in horse-pulled carriage (see refacción can also be romantic). Refacción is also a family time. For instance, the lady from shown in this photo was there with her children, parents and their grandchildren to have a snack before attending the mass service. Refacción is a friendship time too; as often you can ask your friends to meet with you for atol and tostadas at El Calvario, La Merced, o La Escuela de Cristo, just to name a few of the refacción venues.

I am so happy that in La Antigua Guatemala we still have moments that bring us together as family, friends or community.

Here’s another beautiful performance by Guatemalan artist Gaby Moreno singing about The wrong way to celebrate Christmas Day. Enjoy!

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  • NYChapin

    decisions, decisions….
    For me it always tough to decide between the tostada con frijoles or the one with salsa roja. Both can be sprinkled with queso,but I was too weak to resist the temptation of the sprinkled culantro on the salsa one. As for the atol, the elote one won all the time !! One of my favorite spots was the vendors near ” El reloj de flores de la avenida Reforma” in the capirucha.


    • NYChapin, I am sorry to convey these sad news to you, the puestos near El Obelisco are no longer there. 🙁