La Casaca Coffee Shop

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; La Casaca Coffee Shop

Since several people were interested to know more about La Casaca shown yesterday in the entry entitled Having Breakfast in Antigua Guatemala I decided to follow up with another vista and little more information. La Casaca coffee shop is located where Un Poco de Todo bookshop used to be on Portal de las Panaderas; that’s the west side of the Main Plaza where you can also find Café Condesa, Condes Express and Café El Portal. That makes seven coffee shops around Parque Central which includes Café Barista and “& Café” on the northwest corner and the Bagel Barn on the southwest corner. Double the number of coffee shops if we say within one block from Parque Central.

Do you still have any doubts about what’s the most popular drink served in Antigua Guatemala?

A sad aside is the fact that we have lost three bookstores in recent years, each for a different reasons, but at the end it comes down to same economic reason. We lost Librería El Pensativo, Hamlin & White and Un Poco de Todo.

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  • Eric

    I thought Un Poco de Todo was just remodeling…that’s sad news, even though this place looks great.  As for librerias, hmmm….what am I supposed to do, wait for the Feria de Libros ? 

  • NYChapin

    Muy triste indeed….
    mas cafe’s que bookstores.
    What are the chavos y chavas going to talk about over their lattes? 

  • maria

    What a nice looking place for a cafecito!

    Sobre Un Poco de Todo and the rest – que lastima. I remember my father taking me to Un Poco de Todo when I was a kid. It seems like bookstores are struggling everywhere, even Antigua Guatemala. Where will all the expats sell and buy used books?

    • You know my niece was devastated when Borders closed down in the U.S.; it was her favorite store she declared.

      Expats are now using the used bookstore at the Revue and Dyslexia by Café No Sé.

  • Various kinds of cafe shop offers delicious coffee and meals.