A Day at the Spring-water Pools of Finca El Pilar

A Day at the Spring-water Pools of Finca El Pilar by Rudy Girón

There are three public spring-water pools inside Finca El Pilar. One pool for kids, less than one meter deep, a medium size pool which is about 2 meter deep and a large three-meter deep pool, or tanques, water tanks as they are called there.

All three pools are filled once or twice a week completely with mountain spring water from a spring located about 300 feet away. Although I believe the pools are continually filled since I noticed the water valves were running the entire time I was there. The water is chilly and refreshing, especially in hot days like we have had this week.

Entrance fee for the pools is a mere Q15/$2 for an entire day of fun (7am to 6pm). Finca El Pilar is located about two kilometers up the hill from San Cristobal El Bajo, one of the Antigua Guatemala villages south of El Calvario church; a good 45-minute walk from Parque Central. Besides the pools, you can hike and take nature walks among the trails of this farm-turned-into a nature reserve.

Here’s your Spanish word of the day: Nacimiento, birth, is the word most often used for water springs.

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  • Luis

    It looks like a great place for swimming. Would it be possible to take a tuk tuk to Finca El Pilar. Is walking to El Pilar safe?

    • Yes to both Luis. It is safe to walk there; as matter of fact that’s exactly how many people get there. Also the students from the High School INVAL take their swimming classes there several times a week around 11am and they walk. But if you want to take a tuk tuk taxi, that’s also a choice. I would say it’s about 1 km from El Calvario Church.

  • Luis

    I just came back to the States from a three week vacation in La Antigua Guatemala. Your suggestion of the pools at Finca El Pilar could not have been better. I had a good workout by running from my house to El Pilar (3.2 kilometers), swimming 45 minutes and then go back running to La Antigua Guatemala (3.2 kilometers) I did this every other day for the first two weeks. The third week I ran through some of the “aldeas” of La Antigua G. I like specially running to San Pedro Las Huertas because I met some “gringos” running the same routes. Thank you for recommending El Pilar.