Tropical Fruits for Sale

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Tropical fruits from Guatemala

Even though Antigua Guatemala is located in the Sierra Madre high lands at 1,530 meters above the sea level, that’s above 5,000 feet, we have a plentiful supply of tropical fruits grown in the low coastal lands; often the fruits are harvested less than 24 hours prior to the sale. Here I was reminded of how fortune we are in Guatemala to have fresh tropical fruits year round very inexpensively.

What fruits would you like to have in your smoothie?

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  • Eric

    It doesn’t matter to me…todas son deliciosas!

    • For licuados I really like papaya and pineapple and use orange juice instead of water. Awesome, energetic and delicious!

  • Oakland Daily Photo

    No smoothies, just the fresh fruit, thanks. Happy New Year.

    • Hi OaklandDP, yes fresh fruits FTW!

  • when I was there over the summer, I got mango, papaya and banana smoothies and they were so good!

    • Oh yeah Michele, I forgot about mango, one of my favourites.