The Ghosts of Antigua Guatemala

The Ghosts of Antigua Guatemala by NYChapin

Los Fantasmas de La Antigua Guatemala

Growing up in Guatemala, I was often scared down to the bones by tales of famous Guatemalan ghosts that frightened many generations of pedestrians that braved the dark streets of the City and La Antigua. La llorona, El Cadejo, El Sombreron, among them. According to my grandparents, many of these ghosts dissapeared with the introduction of public electric lighting. On recent trips to Antigua I have walked the streets late at night, imagining that they are still around. I was happy to encounter this “friendly ghost” on a wall during broad daylight.

Reader’s contribution by Eddie Deleon (NYChapin)

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  • NYChapin

    Oh wow, thanks Rudy… what a thrill !
    I guess my question to you all readers would be: what interesting figures have you seen on the walls of Antigua?

    • Erick!

      I’ve seen a few borrachitos leaning against the walls of Antigua. 😉

      • Good Erick, I’ve seen them too.

      • NYChapin

        and I’ve seen many couples with lots of “ganas” resting against a wall.

    • Hey NYChapin, are you trying trick us into taking a psychological test or what by asking what we see in the walls of Antigua Guatemala?

      • NYChapin

        No tricks, just curious about what others have seen.. Has anybody seen the image of el Che?

    • I haven’t seen the image of El Che, but I will be on the look out for it. Stay tune for an update.