The Voca People at Ermita de la Santa Cruz, Antigua

Rudy Giron: 130202 Festival Internacional Paiz &emdash;

Last night was the presentation of Vocal People at Ermita de la Santa Cruz ruins, Antigua Guatemala’s concert venue, as part of the XII Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz. Voca People brought a musical show featuring popular songs by the only means of a cappella and beatbox, sans any other musical instrument. The Saturday night presentation was the first of two performances, being the second show tonight at 7 p.m. at Ermita de la Santa Cruz. This is the first time Voca People visit Guatemala with their unique and engaging show. Once again, Fundación Paiz has brought a first-class show as part of the XII Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz.

Below you can look at a slide show and video clip showing the Voca People performance.

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  • Eric

    Wow, this looks like it was a great event! Do we know where Vocal People are from ?

  • Luis


    The name of the group is The Voca People, no Vocal People. They are originally from Israel. Last year they were here in the San Francisco playing at the Marines’ Memorial Theater. Very funny show, they combine great music and bit of comedy. If you have the opportunity to watch it you won’t regret it.

    • Eric

      Gracias, Luis! Y disculpame por el ‘Vocal’…soy victima de ‘spellcheck’, ja-ja-ja