Are You Ready For Lunch?

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Dining Area at Porta Hotel Antigua

This is one of the busies dining areas on the weekends in Antigua Guatemala as capitalinos descend upon Antigua Guatemala and many go directly to Hotel Antigua. I guess this is a tradition or something. Honest, I have never gone there on the weekends since I normally like smaller and quiet restaurants where I can sip my cup of coffee while catching up with a great book or a newspaper if alone, or the conversation if dining with other people. Anyway, I figure I should show what a large dining area looks like in Antigua Guatemala.

Have you ever dined at Hotel Antigua during a weekend?

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  • I think we prefer the same type of dining places.

    • Yes, Stefan, a small, quiet and intimate cafe does it for me as well.

  • El Canche

    Although I personally prefer something quieter and more intimate, there is something about a big family table set for lunch that makes me happy. I like to think that large groups of family and friends can enjoy getting together and making an event of it. I guess Antigua would not be in great shape if those big hotels didn’t fill up at weekends…and what else is a poor “capitalino” to do to make life bearable?

    • “…what else is a poor “capitalino” to do to make life bearable?” is such magnificent description, I might do a photo and entry around it Canche. Stay tuned. 😉


        I feel honoured!…but I used to be such a “capitalino” back in the day and my trips to La Antigua were always a highlight.

  • sjbj

    We just spent a week at the Hotel Antigua and were there for the weekend. It was very festive, lots of families enjoying the food and the pool. Then during the week, much quieter. Best of both worlds!

    • Thanks SJBJ for the feedback. It’s good to know that during the week is much quieter.
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