Ironwork Candle Wall Holder at Night

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Ironwork Candle Wall Holder at Night

As promised, here’s candle-lit view of the wall candle holder found on the walls of Hotel Antigua. Please visit the daylight vista of the ironwork candle holder to compare with today’s photograph and tell me which one you like better.

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Luis

    Simply beautiful.

    • I am glad you liked Luis.

      El 22/09/2013, a las 21:22, “Disqus” escribió:

  • Andrea Montiel

    I most def prefer the night view. The level of skill by the blacksmiths is better displayed in the day shot but the magic of the moment and the place is made much more real, palpable if you will, in the night shot. No doubt. Thank you for such beautiful pictures Rudy, you have a real gift. Greetings from Arizona!

    • Thanks Andrea for your thorough feedback. I am glad you liked it.

      El 22/09/2013, a las 21:52, “Disqus” escribió:

  • sjbj

    both are beautiful…but just love the night view!

    • I am glad you liked the night version as well sjbj.