Hats for Winter in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Hats for Winter in Antigua Guatemala

I know, I know, I have mentioned it before, however, it is important to repeat the recommended clothing and headwear to bring to Antigua Guatemala during Winter. That’s why, I believe, this picture is a very good graphical reference to the attire one needs to endure the Winter season in Antigua Guatemala. Hats and shades are important as well as cool clothing.

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  • Jeannine

    …I see they still haven’t replaced that broken bench since my last stay in November ;o) lol !!!!
    The guy on the right is a real weirdo though…. For years every time I come to Antigua, I have often watched him go round and round the parque, sitting down with a book but never reading it, looking at the young girls in a really weird way… Never speaks to anyone, just sits down a while, gets up walking around the park, comes back and sits down again….. real strange…. ( I have also been told by several people he’s known to sell drugs…. )

    • Lita

      Jeannine, I also noticed that guy in the park last November. He never approached me, though.

      • Wow Lita, I have to admit though, Antigua Guatemala has a lot of weirdos, some of them cameras. 😉
        As matter of fact, I am sure the girl with that hat was probably thinking the same thing about me or something like why is this guy taking a picture of me. See, a lot of people are self-centered and when they see a camera pointed at them, they think it is ONLY them whom are being photographed.

    • Okay Jeannine, what you have described is a street photographer, minus the selling of drugs. You know, this guy can go from the weirdo to street photographer label by just having a camera with him. 😉