I am Guatemala Too

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; I am Guatemala Too BW

In my never ending quest to share with your that many faces of the Guatemalan identity, this week I will be posting a series of portraits of Guatemalans to dispel what a Guatemalan should look like. Come on, we talked about this theme about seven years ago, Guatemalans are quite complex and they come in all colours and flavours. We are not just Maya o mestizos, right?

Take a photographic tour through the different faces of the Guatemalan identity. Enjoy the ride!

Join me and others on a fun and informative photo walk next time you visit Guatemala. For more information click on www.AntiguaPhotoWalks.com or read the reviews on TripAdvisor.

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  • Nice portrait. No facts about these two interesting looking people?

    • You know. Stephan, you are right. I should ask a few things about the people I take portraits of to add some context. In this case they were in a hurry and I had only 10 seconds to capture them. I know her name is Alejandra and they were going to have chicharrones for lunch.