Consecutive Day 3641 — Swim Suits in Antigua Guatemala?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Summer swimsuits in Antigua Guatemala

Climate change denier Sarah Palin might benefit by a visit to the highlands of Guatemala, specifically the city of Antigua Guatemala, located above 5,000 feet above see level where the constant heat waves are making tourists start wearing swim suits.

Of course, those who don’t know where La Antigua Guatemala is located might confuse it with the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbados. Furthermore, those who only recently visited this colonial town, embedded in the hight lands of norther Central America, might not be aware that years ago the weather was temperate leaning towards chilly. I remembered we had to wear sweaters around here.

Needless to say, global warming is real, so perhaps it might be a good idea to pack your swim suit for your next trip to the hot lands of Antigua Guatemala. Mrs. Palin can argue all she wants, but the scientific facts are not refutable. A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

10-year Countdown Aside: I’ve been publishing for 3,641 consecutive days on We continue the May 1st, 2016 countdown to 3,654 days, or 522 weeks, or 120 months, or 10 years of daily multimedia content from and about Antigua Guatemala.

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  • jeannine

    Well… I do agree that this year the weather was crazy and everywhere it was way warmer than in the past, even including the western Highlands where for the first time I didn’t need a jacket and even got kinda sunburned. Last November was already way warmer than average too… You can soon re-name Guate from land of eternal spring to eternal summer. ( mind you… our “spring” here in Germany is currently nothing but rain and about 12°C…. I’ll take the heat I had in Antigua any time ;o) !!)
    As for the swimsuit girl, well I know exactly where that photo was taken… A very noisy hostal right next to my hotel… They do have a pool and a roof top bar and people staying there seem to care little about their neighbours and the money they pay for a good night sleep in a nice hotel… ( why should you care if you pay about 10$ to sleep in a bug infested room with 6 or more people and share a bathroom with lord knows how many people, right ? Well, you can party if you want to, but not in the middle of the night in the street. Not only is a good hotel right next door but there is also a retirement home accross the street from this hostal and I’m sure the old folks are tired of the noise as well… )

    • Hello Jeannine, I am so sorry to hear about the noise hostel next to your nice hotel. BTW, this picture was not taking inside the hostel, rather from the sidewalk looking in where the girl was standing. The city should regulate the noise level, especially at night.

      • Jeannine

        ….and not only the hotel, but you surely know the old peoples home accross the street, right? I saw them once talking a walk with two nurses. I am afraid they do not lead a very happy life in there, do they ? That explains why people in the villages have so many children so that they have someone to take care of them when they are old and live among loved ones, right ?
        And I agree about the noise level and also alcohol on the street regulation. After all Antigua isnt Cancun or some other party location and the party people dont do the historical character and the beauty of this city and its people justice I think. I have to thank the new mayor for her Antigua limpia campaign though. No other place in Guate is as clean as Antigua… Now if only they would teach the people elsewhere to put their trash in trash cans and not in the streets and in nature…. Its such a beautiful country and its so sad to see all the trash everywhere….