Who said newspapers are dead?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Who said newspapers are dead?

The world over newspapers are disappearing or reducing their operations to bare minimums. Guatemala is no exception, yet for a brief moment in time, there’s still plenty of people in Antigua Guatemala who read newspapers, and I mean the physical paper based dailies. At present, it’s becoming quite difficult to find good news on the pages of newspapers from Guatemala though; especially in this particular newspaper.

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  • I have two friends that always buy the two daily evening papers and bring them to my favorite cafe where the rest of the guests are busy reading the same news, but on their smartphones.

  • Jeannine

    Oh yes… the famous Diario…. I always read the Prensa
    Libra every day when I’m in Guate and sometimes I take the other papers as
    well. Diario sure show’s you everything that is bad about Guatemala and there
    is nothing but crime, violence, blood and dead people in this newspaper…. It
    should be forbidden to sell Diario to tourists or else they get the totally
    wrong impression about Guatemala ;o) !! I guess every country has its publicity
    newspapers with little text to read and lot’s of images, but in Germany for example
    it is not allowed to publish such graphic photos of crimes and victims….