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Good Morning, How Can I Help You?

One of aspect that surprises many people who visit Guatemala for the first time is how polite and kind Guatemalans are, especially …

© Portón de La Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Portón of La Antigua Guatemala

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day from Antigua Guatemala: Portón or gate, or large door. It’s been a while since …


Doorway into the Raw Past

This week I felt through a rabbit hole, a doorway into the raw textured past of Convento Las Capuchinas. Come back tomorrow …


The Golden Door

As you’re gazing at Enchanting Nook #1 at the Hotel Centro Colonial Antigua, spin your head around to your right and look …


Casa de los Pasos in Antigua

This façade belongs to self-titled Casa de los Paso on Calle de los Pasos (Street of the Steps). You can see several …