Where in the world is Antigua Guatemala?

I decided to start the Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo after I came across the blog Paris Daily Photo. I don’t recall how I found my way to the blog, but there I was asked to join the group of people who publish a daily photo about the town where they live. I asked myself why not? La Antigua Guatemala is a very photogenic city and many books have been published about this colonial town. Furthermore, La Antigua has been used as a backdrop for movies.

Now, to answer the question where in the world is La Antigua Guatemala, just follow the screen captures below. La Antigua Guatemala was once the capital for the Republic of Guatemala, the north-most country in Central America, south of Mexico. The English translation would be something like the Old Guatemala City. The city when was founded was named Santiago de Los Caballeros de Guatemala. You can read more about its history in the Wikipedia entry.

Even though a Daily Photo City should have only one photo per day; thus the name, I will post more photos in my initial entry so I can utilize the photos I already have in Flickr. Also, I want to thank the Beirut, Lebanon for the list of Daily Photo Cities on the sidebar. I will add more cities as they become available.





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