Entrance to the Popenoe House

Entrance to the Popenoe House, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

This is the entrance to the Popenoe House, a colonial mansion restored by Wilson Popenoe from the United Fruit Company. An intimate glimpse into the house and its rich history and rebirth was done on the May issue Revue Magazine(page 10) as PDF download. The house was built in 1634 by a supreme court judge originally from Spain. Over the years it was abandoned and fell into disrepair, until finally in 1932, it was bought and restored by Doctor Wilson Popenoe, a United Fruit Company scientist… (text from virtual tourist ).

The United Fruit Company played a malevolent role in the history of Guatemala. The Guatemalan government of Colonel Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán was toppled by covert action of the United States government in 1954, after the directors of UFCO had lobbied to the Truman and Eisenhower administrations (text from Wikipedia).

Miguel Ángel Asturias, a 1967 Nobel Prize in literature, wrote The Banana Trilogy, three books (novels) about what the UFCO did in Central America. The books are Viento Fuerte (The Cyclone, 1950), El papa verde (The Green Pope, 1954) and Los ojos de los enterrados (The Eyes of the Interred, 1960). These are very good reads and they can be fount at Amazon.

Also, the local hearsay is that Mr. Popenoe took the local avocado variant to California and from it the Hass avocado emerged.

Now, there are many more stories from this tiny town and I will them to you as I come across the photos that serve as trampoline.

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