It’s a beautiful day in Antigua

It’s a beautiful day, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

Okay, let me say right at front. I do not trust the weather forecasters, including Guatemala’s own National Institute of Seismology and Vulcanology. They had predicted heavy rains and floods for the weekend and as you can see the weather was marvelous. In fact, the last three days have some the best weatherwise in a long while. Allow me to describe very briefly the atmosphere in Antigua yesterday.

There was a sense of peace and fun, people were happy and smiling everywhere, many were crying while other yelled and howled about some soccer game result. That is right France overcame Brazil and since Guatemala has never even qualified for a World Cup, Guatemalans have adopted Brazil as their team. Temperature was around 75-80° F, there were no clouds, the air was fresh and clean, people seemed to feel simply great. On the image I caught a tourist who was enjoying the late afternoon sun. To top it all, Friday was a national holiday on Guatemala, so people had a very long weekend. All in all, it was a great time to meet people for lunch and beers.

I want to thank Lillian and Brian for their kind email comments. Yesterday I said that because of your comments and motivation I bought a domain for this blog, yet I forgot to mention that I also bought a better digital camera, Canon Powershot A620 which should be on my hands this coming week, so I can take better photos or at least the pictures how I want them. Because of your wonderful feedback, I felt compelled to do a better job. Oh, how I wish it could be this simple with my rough English. 😉

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