Contemplating the heavy rain

Contemplating the heavy rain

On July 2nd, I told you that because all the positive feedback and comments I had received so far, I had decided to purchase a Canon Powershot A620 so I could take better photos or at least take the photos that way I choose. Well, I have to admit that I have taken most photos in assistive mode, but with this camera I have the option to take full control over the process; like I did on this photo. Rain is very difficult to capture and you have to use a very slow shutter to be able to show it. This day, the rain was very heavy, yet I had to use a 1/50 to 1/30 shutter speed to make it show on the photo. There is one more photo which shows the rain as silk.

Don’t forget that tomorrow I will start the Antigua’s Door Series. For other doors around the planet, please, visit Doorways Around the World.

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