Transnational: Put a tiger in your tank… which tank?

Esso in Antigua Guatemala

The slogan for Esso is Put a tiger in your tank; here with a twist. Esso is one of the brands of ExxonMobil. I am sure most of you have heard of these two brands. Read the case against Esso and what Google found.

Wow! I can not believe the amount of web sites and organizations that have been created to oppose this transnational corporation; I leave you with three links: Stop Esso, Exxon Secrets, Exxon Crimes.

Also, Sompopo, one of the regular visitors to this site, wrote recently about a documentary called What if the oil runs out? on Discovery Channel. He recommends this program very highly and I am planning to watch it next time it comes to the Discovery Channel Latin America. It is not on yet.

I am most interested in what you have to say about Esso and Exxon! What’s your take on Esso?

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