Bell ringer


It just does not seem fair that Nuno gets all the attention with his church photos; sure he captures great images, sure Porto has many gorgeous churches, sure the weather is fabulous there. It is difficult to keep up with image magic that Nuno delivers almost daily, but I know La Antigua Guatemala has plenty of churches that are quite beautiful too and I will do my best to show them to you. For starters, here is a fraction of San Pedro las Huertas Cathedral, come back tomorrow for the rest of it.

In this image you can see the bell ringer merely peeking out of the bell housing. Can you see him?

Here is the soundtrack for this image: a melody named Campanas (bells) which seem appropriate.

Side note: Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and comments. Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo is as much yours as it is mine. Lil sis thnx 4 your comments.

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