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I was lucky to capture this couple and their new baby just taking a rest and enjoying the beautiful light and atmosphere around Parque Central. This young family seemed to be at peace and taking pleasure of each other; judging, of course, by the additional photos (click to view the supporting image 2, image 3, image 4 and image 5 or a slideshow of the images).

My best wishes for the New Year to all my dear visitors!

Adopting Guatemalan Babies:
Now, regarding the adoptions of Guatemalan babies, I am mostly against because this is run like a business, thus the people involve in putting babies for adoptions have little regard for what is best for the babies. The baby-selling industry has taken advantage of the poor legislation and regulation regarding adoptions in Guatemala. A whole industry has spawn from this vacuum and babies are given in adoption to foreigners, mostly unaware, for very large sums of money. If you are considering adopting a baby from Guatemala, please inform yourself and visit some of the resources that I list below.

Customs and Cultural Expectations:
Guatemalan babies that are raised abroad, away from Guatemala and its culture, traditions, language peculiarities and diet, will not be Guatemalans by any means. The birth place does not make you a Guatemalan or Mexican or Costa Rican (regardless of what your identification card or passport says); what defines you is the place where you grow up and values and culture you receive at home.

To People Adopting Guatemalan Babies:
Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your valuable comments; I am glad you like the photos and information, although I must warn you, I do not maintain this site for any particular group; rather I do it for myself and for those who might enjoy a daily snapshot from a colonial town in Central America. I do it for friends and family. I do it for Guatemalans abroad who are masochist and need a daily dose of their homeland.

If you feel that the photos and information on the Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo are helpful or even useful to you and your family, please, take a moment to leave your feedback and to donate towards the hosting bills of this site (through the blue button underneath the search form). I take all the photos and research all the information to the best of my abilities and without any funding, except my own pocket and the donations of people like you.

I wish you good luck with your Guatemala-born baby, raise her with lots love and make her an important part of your family and community. If s/he ever has the need to know about his birth-place, then and only then, tell him about this very complex and troubling tiny country in Central America.

Resources for People Planing to Adopt Guatemalan Babies:
A quick search through Google throws many resources, but judging by the traffic coming towards Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo, the following links are run by people who know the processes and pitfalls. If you know of other reputable resources, please, let other know through your comments in this entry.

  1. Guatemalan Adoptions Forum
  2. Guatemalan Adoptions Group at Yahoo
  3. Guatemala Adoption Information & News

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