Another Wallpaper for Your Desktop

Nicolas' Restaurant window

If I’m not mistaken, Isabella, from Naples, Florida Daily Photo, said that she became more aware of her surroundings after she began her daily photo blog. She thanked Eric, from Paris Daily Photo, for coming up a great idea, sharing it and creating the awesome community we now are. The same thing happen to me and to prove it I will show you one my favorites shots: Palo de Izote Tree. These trees are next door to my office in Antigua Guatemala and I had never seen them before, in four years. After I started this site on May 1st, I became really aware. Thanks Eric, we took the red pill.

To download the image as wallpaper, all you need to do is click the photo above and you will be taken to a larger-size image that you can download. The rest depends on the operating system you use.

By the way, this is the same wall as yesterday’s photo. Have an exceptional day!

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