Public Transit In Antigua

Guatemalan Chicken Buses

LD talks about the differences in public transit between Toronto and Guatemala on her entry about Problem solved?. It is a bit unfair to compare the rural bus system in Guatemala, the country, with the modern transit system of Toronto, the city, but she manages to do a very interesting comparison of not only the vehicles, but the bus rides and the people who use them. LD’s entry is a very good read and since she writes so fluently, colorfully and intelligently; it is so difficult not to come back to her blog in a regular basis.

I talked about the public transportation system in Guatemala myself, back in August 1st, 2006 and then I said that the chicken buses make for great post cards and travel chronicles, but they do not make for a safe or good transportation system. Follow this link to see an interesting shot of the a chicken bus or here to see other photos of chicken buses I taken so far. LD, shame on you, how come you did “lift off” my photos, which have a Creative Commons license for you to use as a Share Alike site.

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