Guatemalan Textiles at La Fuente

Guatemalan Textiles at La Fuente

On the weekends the center garden around the fountain in La Fuente strip mall and restaurant is carpeted by Guatemalan textiles on sale; awesome stuff, by the way.

La Fuente is one my favorite places to have lunch and meet with people. You can recall the entry about Six Degrees of Separation at La Fuente where I met Sompopo’s family. Also, many of the traditional Guatemalan dishes I posted here have been photographed at La Fuente, like the Pepian dish. If you are coming to La Antigua Guatemala and want have an economic traditional lunch, head up to La Fuente, next door to Doña Luisa Xicotencatl on 4a calle oriente #14, one block away from the Central Park on the east side. Make sure you ask for the daily menu.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for another shot at La Fuente and its textiles around the fountain.

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