Is it fair? Really it’s a fair

Is it fair? Really it's a fair

For those who like to imagine what ruins were like and what people did around them I have todays photo of San Pedro Las Huertas Town fair with the church (not a ruin) in the background and all kind of food vendors around the town’s plaza. So this is what the ruins looked like when they were in used by the people of the past. If you would like to browse for other photos from San Pedro Las Huertas, just follow the white rabbit or if you only want to see a better shot of the church in the background just say we’re not in Kansas anymore. Come back tomorrow for a follow up on the San Pedro Las Huertas fair. San Pedro Las Huertas is one the small villages that belong to La Antigua Guatemala. Here you can see the geomap location.

Update: I forgot to include this video clip on Friday.

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