Altar Inside San Pedro Las Huertas Church

Altar Inside San Pedro Las Huertas Church

Today’s photograph is dedicated to those friends that have pointed out that in over 427 days I have taken over 34 photos of atriums and churches, but not a single photo from the inside of a church. Let me tell you, it was not easy, but I decided to just walk in and take a few shots. So there, see I can also take photographs from inside the churches. Here is another close-up view of the altar of San Pedro Las Huertas Church without people. I hope you are not put off by religious motifs.

Ego boosting side note update: Today was published an interview made to me for the Faces magazine, a Spanish-language magazine, which is part of the Siglo XXI, one of the largest newspapers in Guatemala. The interview is in Spanish, so you may not understand but a few words, unless you can read Spanish; I had to share it with you guys anyway. The Faces magazine does not have a web site, so I had to scan the page where the interview appeared.

Entrevista a Rudy Girón en la revista Faces de Siglo XXI

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