La Antigua Guatemala’s Webcams

Public WebCam at Antigua's City Hall Building

We’re Watching You!

Believe it or not, in over 451 entries or 442 days, which ever way you prefer, not once I have mentioned that there are some public webcams in La Antigua Guatemala that you can use. I found the webcams around La Antigua and Guatemala City over three years ago, but the web site that publish their output was awkward and difficult to use, to say the least. So I pick the output of four webcams that I liked, two for La Antigua Guatemala and two for Guatemala City and put them in a webpage in the Revue Magazine website. There is still the problem that the cameras go offline often, but I have no control over that. Here is the link to the web page that collects the output of the four webcams.

By the way, if you watch the output of the webcam on the top right corner (otherwise known as the Telgua office) you could use it as a way to see your love ones if you can synchronize watches.

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