6-column Façade Mausoleum in San Lázaro Cemetery

Columns-style Mausoleum in La Antigua Guatemala

When I decided to enter the cemetery of San Lázaro I was expecting a very chaotic cemetery full of the antigüeño color palette with many crypts and above grounds burial chambers and perhaps some mausoleums. Surprise, surprise! The only color was provided by the many flower arrangements, there were mostly mausoleums, some nichos (above grounds crypts) and just a few crypts.

Because there are so many mausoleums, the style varies a lot. I will show just a few samples to get the idea. Today’s picture shows a mausoleum with many column as its façade and with its white stucco it could probably pass as an original Greek mausoleum. This is a tribute from La Antigua Guatemala’s City Hall to the Teachers’ Union of La Antigua Guatemala.

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