Guatemala Will Now Be a Social Democrat Country

Guatemala Will Now Be a Social Democrat Country

As of 22 hours local time of Sunday 4th of November, Guatemala’s Electoral Supreme Tribunal or Tribunal Supremo Electoral (TSE) in Spanish has declared the Socal-Democrat Alvaro Colom as the new elected president of Guatemala. You can see the live results at the Tribunal Supremo Electoral web site. The result were 52.76% (1,409, 990) for Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza (UNE) the Social Democrat party; Alvaro Colom’s party and 47.24% (1,262,680) for Partido Patriota (PP) which postulated Ex-General Otto Pérez Molina; this results as of 23 hours.

The second round of the 2007 elections (first round was on September 9th) had a low participation, but were swift and without any violence. In La Antigua Guatemala you could into one of the voting centers and cast your ballot under three minutes.

This is the sixth time since 1985 that Guatemalans elect a president by popular vote. And this is the first time Guatemala left the conservative right wing. Beginning January 14th, Guatemala will be considered a Social-Democrat country and it will be inline with most of the countries of the American Continent. Guatemala will be turning green with hope of a better future; green because is the color of the party of Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza and hope because that is what Esperanza means. Let’s hope this new turn and focus will be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of the masses. Let’s hope too that this time around the empire and its intelligence means will let us be what we have decided with our democratic elections. Let’s not have another 1954 ever again.

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