Marimba Chicken Bus and Church of San Pedro

Marimba Chicken Bus and Church of San Pedro

Well, well, what we have here… what’s up with that, why are Guatemalans so enchanted with the infamous chicken bus. I mean what makes Guatemalans take on the crappy junk and retired school buses from up north and give them a second life as public transit chicken bus, mobile libraries chicken bus and now as a marimba orquesta mobile unit chicken bus.

Now this is too much! Come on, who came up with the bright idea of mixing the chicken bus and the marimba orquesta. If hell existed, this would be it. 😉

By the way, chicken bus is the derogatory term used in many guides to refer to the rural public transportation buses in Guatemala and in many parts of Latin America. The marimba (pronunciation) has to be Guatemala’s most popular musical instrument.

If you don’t know what marimba music sound like, I leave you with a sample of it with Tristezas quetzaltecas below. You can also check out the entry Marimba Music at Calle del Arco in Antigua for more background information and two more marimba music songs.

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