La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo’s Top 12 of 2007

La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo's Top 12 of 2007
1. Antigua’s Cathedral and Central Park Illuminated, 2. Partners in Adversity, 3. Public Water Distribution System, 4. Desfile nocturno del Dí­a de la Independencia, 5. Street Lamp and Street Sign, 6. Grafito de Rigorberta Menchú, 7. San Cristobal El Bajo Church, 8. Guatemalan Sweet Bread Sampler, 9. Monk in San Francisco Church In Antigua, 10. Children Procession, 11. Jacarandas at Central Park, 12. Volcanes de Fuego y Acatenango Wallpaper

Any top list is bound to be subjective and there can be as many top list as there are people to make them. So with this in mind, I present you: my Top 12 Photos of 2007. Why a top 12 and not a top 10? Simple, I just pick my favorite photo for each month of 2007 and so that is how I arrived to these top 12 photos of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo of 2007.

I am sure YOU can come up with a different list of photos or entries as your to 12; there are plenty of entries to choose from for 2007 (365 to exact). Please, share with us which photos or entries were in your top 12 and let us know what was your criteria to arrive at your Top 12 Entries of LAGDP. Thanks everyone for sharing your top 12 with us.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala:
For starters there are many things that make New Year’s Eve similar and different than Christmas’ Eve. If Christmas’ Eve is celebrated with the family at home at your parents’ home; New Year’s Eve can be celebrated anywhere: a discotheque, a park, the beach or La Calle del Arco, a popular venue in La Antigua Guatemala. At Calle del Arco, two fireworks signs are put on each sign of the clock at the arch: one for 2007 and the other for 2008 and fireworks are burnt right at midnight to celebrate the arrival of the new year. As Christmas’ Eve, everybody stays up all night long (or mostly all night) awaiting the turning of a new year at 12 o’clock. There is plenty of hugs, food, partying and dancing. New Year’s Eve is less religious than Christmas’ Eve and there are many more parties to go to. There is a particular song which is played at every single party and danced to… El Año Viejo. I leave you below a section of the song which is sang by everybody as reminder of the good things in life. Further down, I leave you a awesome version of El Año Viejo by Los Socios del Ritmo. I am sure this song most be the most-often-played music throughout Latin America on New Year’s Eve. Please, if you are Guatemalan, I don’t want to hear you cry… better sing …Ay yo no olvido el año viejo with your friends and family. Enjoy pues! 😉

My best wishes to everyone and please have the happiest New Year Ever!

For a more detail explanation of the New Year’s Eve celebration, check out last year’s entry which describe with luxury of detail all the stuff that happens at New Year’s Eve.

Yo no olvido al año viejo (I don’t forget the old year)
Porque me ha dejado cosas muy buenas: (Because it left behind good things for me:)
Me dejó una chiva, (It left me a goat,)
Una burra negra, (a black donkey)
Una yegua blanca (a white female horse)
Y una buena suegra… (And a good mother-in-law…)

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