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Buying School Supplies for the Guatemalan School Year 2008

Bookstores and stationary stores are jam-packed this time of the year in La Antigua Guatemala and throughout the country since the new school year is about to start. Yes, that is right, you read correctly, the Guatemalan school years begins sometime in January and ends sometime in October.

Boys and girls have been given their school supplies lists already and they need to purchase them before the first day of classes.

Public schools are free in Guatemala, minus some administrative fees. But, everything you need for school is not free; you need to buy a every single pencil and sheet of paper as well as any book or notebook, cuaderno in Spanish.

In the picture above, we can see parents with their children making the queues to purchase all the necessary school supplies at Librerí­a Castillo in La Antigua Guatemala; librerí­a is the Spanish term for bookstore or stationary store.

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