Alain Derbez Jazz Trio in La Antigua Guatemala

Alain Derbez Trio en La Antigua Guatemala - 11

Honest, I don’t mean to brag. But I have to say sometimes life can be pretty good in La Antigua Guatemala. Let me explain. In La Antigua Guatemala, sometimes you get access to free events like music concerts, photo exhibits, plays, paintings exhibitions, et-cetera.

Well, tonight, some friends, my girlfriend and I assisted to a live Jazz trio presentation in the atrium of the Compañí­a de Jesús Building as the first concert for Festival de Jazz en Antigua. I must say the performance was exquisite and delightful. Alain Derbez is a Mexican poet and musician who mixes poetry reading and jazz interpretations of sometimes popular songs and other times compositions from his own.

The Alain Derbez Jazz Trio was composed of an electroacoustic guitar on the hands of Manuel Viterbo, an electric bass played by Juan Cristobal Pérez and the sax played by Alain Derbez himself. They played a mixture of jazz tunes from all over, but with a strong emphasis on Mexican music. We were all delighted with the over two-hour performance under the illuminated ruins of the Compañí­a de Jesús Building and the perfect evening weather of 75°F/24°C.

This was the first of three live jazz evenings at the Atrium of Compañí­a de Jesús Building. Tomorrow will be the turn for a jazz trio from Italy and on Saturday the jazz trio will be from Spain.

I leave you with a slide presentation of the concert and a short video clip of a fragment of one of the pieces.

Really, I don’t mean to brag; honest! 😉

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