The Body Puppets Show of Rodolfo de León and Larraitz Iparragirre

Tí­teres de Fofo y Larraitz en La Antigua Guatemala

It is so good to have friends who are artists; they keep you cultivated and entertained. Such is the case of Rodolfo de León, alias “Fofo” to his friends, whom I met many years ago. Along those years, I have witnessed many of his artistic manifestations; always something new and fresh.

This season, Fofo and his girlfriend Larraitz Iparragirre have put together a body puppet show with a set of characters that are amazing. By just using their hands, feet and knees plus a harmonious wardrobe, they were able to create a body puppets performance which is innovative, stimulating and fun.

I thank Fofo, Larraitz, Manuel Morillo and Casa del Mango for the invitation to see a pre-screening of the body puppets presentation, now being shown in several venues in La Antigua Guatemala.

Can you make out the details of the picture above, can you come up with story for the photo?

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