May 18th: International Museums Day in Guatemala

May 18th: International Museums Day in Guatemala

If you are in Guatemala this weekend, you can visit all public and most private museums for free. May 18th is the International Museums Day and what better way to to celebrate these wonderful institutions that with free entrance to today’s special activities. Don’t let this opportunity go by, especially if you are a tourist, to visit all the museums you can in a day. You can hopscotch among all the different museums around La Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City.

Today can also be a day for the soul and heart and since we already mentioned the word hopscotch, might as well build upon it. How can one pamper one’s heart and soul with hopscotch, you ask? Well, hopscotch is the English translation for Rayuela, one of the most important novels published in the last century (1963), written by Julio Cortázar. Rayuela (Hopscotch) was published at the beginning of the 1960s and was a revolutionary work of literature for a revolutionary decade. Rayuela was also one of the most influential novels in Latin America. No better music than jazz to accompany the reading of Rayuela, and if you can get yourself a copy of Jazzuela, the music described in Rayuela. From Jazzuela is easy to move to Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blues, and then to The Soul of a Man from Wim Wenders which could easily takes us to “Vietnam Blues” of J.B Lenoir. Ah… life is good in La Antigua Guatemala!

A weekend of hopscotching museums, Rayuela, Jazzuela, Miles Davis, The Soul of a Man and J.B. Lenoir are a sure way to leave your heart and soul very blissful. That’s my humble opinion; what do you think?

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