Sompopo: The Giant Guatemalan Ant

Sompopo: Giant Guatemalan Ant

Enough about pondering the big questions!

Sompopos are now here and thus we are now “officially” in the rainy season.

Sompopos arrived on Thursday 22nd, May 2008 which was also the celebration of Corpus Christi in La Antigua Guatemala. In Guatemala, May 22nd is also Dí­a del arbol (Tree Day) which could be a very good excuse to watch The Fountain; a film by Darren Aronofsky.

The Crazy Guatemalan Seasons Side Note:
Keep in mind that since Guatemala is located in the northern hemisphere, Guatemala is in the middle of the Spring season at the beginning of the rainy season which will last through the entire Summer and part of the Fall seasons.

Guatemalans will tell you otherwise… do not believe their words. Guatemalans will try to convince you that the Winter season just began… these people are cunning, believe them not! Guatemalans will even tell you that this is The Land of the Eternal Spring. Guatemala does not have the normal seasons as the rest of the northern hemisphere. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter get blurred in Guatemala which only have two real seasons: The Rainy Season and The Dry Season. That’s right folks, no Spring season in Guatemala… just the wet and dry seasons are enough to provide a million shades of green and flowers in bloom all-year-round!

Oh yeah! this post was about sompopos… oh well, come back tomorrow if you really want to have the Sompopo’s Revenge.

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