Dining Area at Quesos y Vinos Restaurant

Dining Area at Quesos y Vinos Restaurant

It is good to know you can move inside the dining area in case you can not stay in the patio due to rain or if it’s too cold outside.

I have only have a couple of items from the Quesos y Vinos Restaurant menu: Paninos and Pizza and I was delighted with both options. As a matter of fact, it’s widely known secret that the best pizza in La Antigua Guatemala can only be found at Quesos y Vinos Restaurant.

DISCLAIMER: I have not receive any economic or otherwise incentive for this review. It is only my opinion thus far. However, if they do offer a free lunch after reading this entry, believe me, I will not turn it down. 😉

800 PAGES MILESTONE UPDATE: Shoot, I forgot to mention that with this entry LAGDP has published 800 pages. Oh well, it’s just another number to go by…

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