Guatemalan Women Are Moving!

Guatemalan Women Are Moving!

I am happy to report that slowly but surely Guatemalan women are moving into all the positions they deserve. Two good friends come to mind:

First of all, we have to congratulate Stephanie Falla {ñ} for winning the Best Future Project with Journalism 24/7 at Exponet, Prensa Libre’s initiative to promote best web practices and web excellency. Stephanie is a great example and a role model for anyone, but especially for women since she also leads one of the largest web communities in the Spanish speaking world: Maestros del Web. You may recall that a few days ago I mentioned her name in relation to new digital media projects in Guatemala.

Another great role model for me is Renata Avila {ñ}, the Guatemalan voice and correspondent for Global Voices, a blog community promoting all the different voices through out the world. Renata takes the time to surf and fish out the best content produced by the Guatemalan Bloggers, then translates it into English and puts it in perspective. On top of all that, she’s also the leader in the creation of jurisdiction-specific Creative Commons Licenses for Guatemala, which, by the way, will be presented and introduced by Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia in a couple of weeks in Guatemala.

I am very happy to know them both and to be inspired by their extraordinary work!

Below you click on the thumbnail to see the moment Stephanie Falla received the Q50,000 award as seed money to get her Periodismo 24/7 (Journalism 24/7).

Stephanie Falla Gana Mejor Proyecto Futuro en Exponet

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