Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta and the Volcanoes

Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta

I figure that when one decides to name something is the set it apart from the rest, right? So, why would name a school Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta (Mixed Co-ed Rural Oficial School)? Come on, it is like naming your kid ‘John Doe’ (no offense to John Does of the world). Those four words are so generic that it could literally be the name of any and all the schools outside Guatemala City. By the way, this photo was taken at the main plaza of San Pedro Las Huertas, a small village that belongs to La Antigua Guatemala.

On the other hand, Fire Volcano is very punctual. Fire Volcano began releasing gases and lava onto the sky, which to me, this activity means no other thing but the commencement of the dry season. The dry season is the best weather, in my opinion, and the best time to visit Guatemala. The light is just magical and enchanting; if you are a photographer you better start preparing your luggage and camera bags.

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