Theme Day: Circles/Spheres

Cincos: The Guatemalan Marbles

“I miss playing tenta, el botecito, escondite, kick-ball, cincos, trompos and all the good old games kids play…” —MO

It was only last week that Claudia and MO brought back those sweet memories from their childhood in Guatemala and as a good fellow I have to fulfill with images, let’s hope, that ease the nostalgic process, a bit, at least. In the quote above, MO made reference to some games that need very little or nothing other than creativity to keep a bunch of kids entertained for hours. Tenta (touch and go), escondite (hide and seek, especially if you hide with the girl/boy you like), trompos (spinning tops) and cincos (marbles) were and are games that required so little economic investment that all are able to play and have lots of fun.

Ah, sometimes you have to marvel at how much fun these marbles Guatemalan games are for such little money. For instance a bag of 50 small marbles cost a mere Q5; the same price for 25 large marbles. Oh boy, I am going to make a whole bunch kids happy tomorrow when I give away the cincos. I also have something for the big kids with computers as a download of the Guatemalan Cincos Wallpaper at 1200×900 pixels. Enjoy it! 😉

Since I took these shots of cincos, canicas, marbles, glass balls, or whatever you want to call them and the monthly theme of the City Daily Photo web sites for December 1st is circles or spheres, I decided to participate since cincos are glass spheres after all. There are 187 participants in this theme from cities around the world, which can circle around in a few hundred click if you click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

On an entirely different medium, you can watch how cincos, canicas or marbles are made.

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