So, We Begin a New Ride Into the Unknown…

So, We Begin a New Ride Into the Unknown

… But, full of hope!

What better way to start our new journey than with a party. If you are in La Antigua Guatemala, the place to be tonight, between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m., to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, is Casa Convento Concepción, Calle La Concepción No. 41 where Democrats Abroad Guatemala invites you to the Guatemala Inaugural Ball in La Antigua. If you need more information or tickets ($20), please, call Gail at 7832-5639. There will be a giant screen to watch the Washington D.C. festivities and food and beverages.

By the way, thanks to Treva, one of the La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo readers, I learned that the news of the upcoming party tonight in La Antigua Guatemala made all the way to The Washington Post. Below the quoted text that was sent to LAGDP by our dear Treva:

In Antigua, Guatemala, Americans have hired a disc jockey to play Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and other tunes Obama keeps on his iPod. In Jakarta, Indonesia, where Obama spent time as a boy, students from his former elementary school will perform a traditional dance at a party featuring some of his old classmates. (… continue reading)

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