Canopy Zip Line Tour in Antigua Guatemala

Canopy Zip Lines Tours: Safe Double Lines

Boy oh boy, the things I do to bring you first-hand, eye-witness coverage daily from La Antigua Guatemala. I’ve done the unthinkable, I threw myself into the zip lines of the Antigua Canopy Tours inside the coffee plantation Finca Filadelfia so you can have an idea of what to expect next time you come to Antigua Guatemala.

Below, you can play short clip of a ride of the canopy zip lines tour in the mountains around Antigua Guatemala, especifically inside the coffee plantation of Finca Filadelfia. I want to take this opportunity to recommend very highly that you include any of the tours offered by Finca Filadelfia, located in the San Felipe village, just 2 kilometers from La Antigua Guatemala’s Main Plaza. A trip to this coffee plantation is a must since Finca Filadelfia was among the first coffee plantations in Guatemala and from some years back now, they opened up their doors so you can a enjoy a coffee tour, coffee cupping and tasting, mountain tour, mountain biking, mule riding, canopy and birdwatching among many other options.

By the way, I am not getting paid to say those nice words and recommendation, but I do hope they give me free access to try out all the tours and their magnificent weekend brunch if they ever come to read this entry or even if you mention to them that you learned about Finca Filadelfia in La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo; wink, wink.

However, I do want to thank my dear friend Pascu Robredo (502 4010 6592), general manager of the Antigua Canopy Tours for providing a free ride of the zip lines so I can do this review. Thanks to Pascu, I learned about the Antigua Zip Line from the moment they were in the design stages, but I did get a chance to try it until recently. The canopy zip line tour is well worth it and if you consider that you can experience these tree-top rides at only a 10-minute distance from La Antigua Guatemala, there is no excuse not to try a canopy tour.

Canopy Zip Lines Tours: zipping through the trees Canopy Zip Lines Tours: Safety before anyting Canopy Zip Lines Tours: zipping through the trees 2

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