Sun-drying Coffee at Finca Filadelfia

Sun-drying Coffee at Finca Filadelfia

Yesterday I showed you a close-up of the coffee fruit being dry by the warm rays of the sun in the eternal Spring weather of Guatemala. Today, you get to see an overview of the coffee fruit piles and in the background the buildings belonging to the Finca Filadelfia Coffee Plantation.

Below you can read a summary of the whole process by Eve Andersson and if you visit her web site you can also see pictures describing every single stage.

The plants start out in pots for the first couple years of their lives, then they’re transported to high-altitude fields where they grow in the shade of large [Gravilea] trees that let just the right amount of sunlight through.

The beans fruits are picked, pulped, washed, dried, sorted by size, sorted by density, hand sorted for defects, roasted, and packaged.

This is the best part. It’s like a wine tasting; you take a sip and then spit it out. The high-altitude Arabica coffee grown in [La] Antigua [Guatemala] was by far the best coffee.

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