Rainy Season Vista: Green Umbrella

First Official Rain of 2009

Today we had the first official rainfall of the rainy season 2009 in La Antigua Guatemala. Even though, yesterday and a few days ago we experienced some light and fast drizzle, it was not until today that we had our fist real heavy precipitation. If you are coming to Antigua in the next following semester, make sure you pack your umbrella and raincoat.

I think the world can be easily divided in two kinds of people: the ones who like the rain and those who don’t. What about you, do you like the rain?

First Photo Retouched Aside:
By popular demand, I have digitally removed the white letters from the green umbrella. This is the first time I manipulate an image from the AntiguaDailyPhoto since from the very beginning I set myself to do all the editing at the time of shooting; thus, that’s why I always take many shots to get just one or two candidates for the AntiguaDailyPhoto stream. Anyhow, in this particular case, it would have not mattered how many shots I took since the lady did not turn her umbrella around and beside, I am almost sure the umbrella had the same publicity on both sides. I hope you forgive me for having retouched the image. 😉

First Official Rain of 2009

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