What’s the name of this bird?

What's the name of this bird?

I ‘d like to know the name of this kind of bird, which comes to tweet and chat with our little white kitten everyday.

I know the bird is native to northern Central America and can be found often in Coffee Plantations of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Also, I know the bird belongs to Jay or Magpie family.

The jays are several species of medium-sized, usually colorful and noisy, passerine birds in the crow family Corvidae. The names jay and magpie are somewhat interchangeable, and the evolutionary relationships are rather complex. For example, the Eurasian Magpie seems more closely related to the Eurasian Jay than to the Oriental Blue and Green Magpies, whereas the Blue Jay is not closely related to either. (Source: Absolute Astronomy)

By the way, I don’t know why Guatemala doesn’t promote itself as bird-watchers paradise? Don’t you think we have hundreds of colorful birds with all kinds of forests and jungles.

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