A Day Among the Giant Kites of Sumpango

A Day Among the Giant Kites of Sumpango

What can I say, today was a day with lots of ups and downs. I am too tired tonight to give all the details; suffice it to say that our car broke down on the way to pick the fiambre (nothing major) and had to carry the fiambre and the car on a tow truck; Kara and Brad from HablaGuate provided the ride to Sumpango and excellent companionship to keep one humble and bashful; I came back with close to 200 photos of giant kites; I will probably had to do a slide show tomorrow to give you a better idea of what’s a day among the giant kites of Sumpango.

For now, please accept this modest delivery of images from the giant kites of Sumpango. Stay tune for more flying imagery. There will be new fiambre photographs as well. 😉

Giant Kites are Lots of Fun Capturing the Kites and Family Fly Baby, Fly!

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