The Last Rains of the Season

The Last Rains of the Season

This year the first official rain of 2009 was reported on April 24 with a photograph of a woman with a green umbrella walking in front of a orange wall. Somehow I remember clearly the scene and the circumstances of that image.

Today, I bring you another photo of rainfall taken inside El Jaulón building, located one block away from Central Park. Today’s photograph, however, marks the last rains of the season, the driest rainy season since we are living in La Antigua Guatemala. Interesting enough, normally there are almost no rains in November, but thus far almost everyday we have had precipitations.

Invitación a la primera exposición del club
Invitation for the first expo of the Club Fotográfico de Antigua

Also, don’t forget that the first exhibit of the Antigua Photo Club will be this Friday evening at Las Capuchinas ruins. If you’re in town, don’t miss this rare opportunity to purchase high quality prints of the captivating images from the photo club members, including of course, photographs from yours truly, at discounted prices. All funds raised will be donated to a charity. 😉

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