Milk Delivery in Antigua Guatemala

Milk Delivery in Antigua

Goat Milk Delivery in Antigua I am sure this is the first time many of you see a milk delivery service like the one we have in Guatemala. Basically, two or three shepherd boys guide a herd of goats, cabras in Guatemalan Spanish, around town selling the drawn-on-the-spot glass of milk for Q5/$0.60. Some people drink the milk directly from the glass, while others boil it first.

Now, you may think these milk deliveries only occur in the rural communities of Guatemala, but as you can see in the pictures below, the shepherd boys and their sheep can be found even the Downtown Guatemala City, known as Centro Histórico. Can you imagine El Señor Presidente coming out of his bureau in the National Palace to drink some fresh milk? Only in Guatemala, I tell you!

This milk delivery approach puts a new twist of the term “fresh milk”, don’t you think?

Milk Delivery in Guatemala Milk Delivery in Guatemala City

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