It’s Atol Time!

It's Atol Time!

Like I said before, if there were a Guatemalan National Drink, surely “atol blanco” would be it. Atol blanco is one of the most emblematic drinks of the Guatemalan repertoire. Very few meals or drinks can define or identify a Guatemalan like atol blanco (white atole). Atol blanco is the drink that defines your ‘guatemalanness’; not coffee, like I have stated before (Sorry). There are other atoles, of course, but only atol blanco is present in the morning and afternoon refacción, snack time. Further, atol blanco can be found through out Guatemala in several styles from sweet, sugar added, to chili added only of the Verapaces.

Please, tell us when was the last time you had atol blanco? Where did you have atol blanco?


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