It’s Refa Time!

It's Refa Time!

There are two ‘official’ snack times in Guatemala known as refacción; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I have shown you the morning refacción before, but this is the first time, I believe, I show the afternoon refacción.

Refacción, however, is much more than a simple snack time. Refacción is the time where workers get together to gossip and catch up with personal details. Refacción is the time when couples in love get together for a quick snack along with hugs and kisses; such was the case of the man and woman in the foreground crossing the street that arrived in horse-pulled carriage (see refacción can also be romantic). Refacción is also a family time. For instance, the lady from yesterday’s photo was there with her children, parents and their grandchildren to have a snack before attending the mass service. Refacción is a friendship time too; as often you can ask your friends to meet with you for atol and tostadas at El Calvario, La Merced, o La Escuela de Cristo, just to name a few of the refacción venues.

What do you think of the Guatemalan refacción? Do you think it would be good to have refacción in your neck of the woods?

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